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Wednesday, 6 April 2022

The congregation and leadership of St Faith's Church came to the realisation that it was not practical to maintain and operate two separate sites for our church and community hall, half a mile apart, and that we needed to focus our ministry where the people in our parish lived. So after many years of prayer and planning, the old buildings were finally demolished last year and construction began on our new church and community centre.

St Faith's Church in the town centre is being sold to Lighthouse Church, with the funds raised going towards the new building, along with significant other funding sources which have already been secured. Lighthouse have been long-term tenants in the building and we are thrilled they will be able to keep using it as a place for Christian worship and outreach.

We invite everyone to come and celebrate our final Easter service on Sunday, 17th April at 10am, following which we will bid a fond farewell and hand over the keys to Lighthouse Church. Due to a last minute delay our final service in church will now be the 24th April 2022. From May onwards, please join us for worship in a somewhat different way at The Flower Pot on Sandling Road, at the usual time of 10am. All are welcome and a very warm greeting is guaranteed!


Friday, 11 March 2022

Complete block and beam floor

All the underground works are done! That includes the foundations, pipes and drains. Most of the block and beam floor is complete.

Although there has already been a lot of work done since construction began in January, not much of it was visible on the surface until the floor started appearing.

In a few weeks time the timber frame will arrive. That's the important superstructure which will hold the building up!